Computer Forensics

The advancement of computers and the Internet in the digital age has enabled a wealth of opportunities and possibilities in our world's societies. Unfortunately, technology has also created an avenue for criminals to carry out their deeds more quickly and easily than ever before. If you have not yet had the need for a Computer Forensic Expert, chances are you soon will.

Mobile Device Forensics

Over the past few years, cell phones have evolved from simple two-way radio devices to sophisticated pocket-sized computers, which may be more powerful than your home or office PC. Many people now carry their lives around on their smartphones, which is why mobile devices should never be overlooked when investigating any criminal or civil matter.

Imaging and Acquisition
Hard Drives
USB Sticks
Memory Cards
Digital Cameras
MP3 Players
PlayStations and Xboxes

Examination and Analysis
PC, MAC, and Linux Machines
Deleted File Recovery
Password Cracking
E-Mail Tracing
Internet and Chat Analysis
Expert Testimony

Cell Phone Device Analysis
Retrieve phonebook and call logs
Extract images and videos
Recover deleted text messages

Cell Phone Record Analysis
Activity Pattern Analysis
Cell Tower Analysis
Historical Reconstruction

Other Mobile Devices
Android Devices
Blackberries and PDAs
iPhones, iPods, and iPads
GPS Units - Garmin, TomTom, etc.