Criminal Defense Investigations

An essential part of providing legal representation to defendants charged with a criminal offense is the task of evaluating the evidence against the client. Many people do not realize that the Constitutional concept of "innocent until proven guilty" is not always a reality when a person is accused of committing a crime.

Criminal defense attorneys recognize the necessity to investigate the government’s evidence before advising their clients of their options. We have worked with many criminal defense lawyers and advocacy groups such as the Exoneration Project to help the accused present their best defense possible.

Criminal defense cases need special care, and you know that when you handle a criminal defense case, you need a team of professionals to assist you. We have investigated everything from simple financial frauds to complex murder investigations. We will take court appointments and can always work within your budget.

We are proud members of:
National Defender Investigator Association
The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council
Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
High Technology Crime Investigation Association

  • Witness Interviews & Canvassing
  • Witness Background Investigation
  • Victim Background Investigation
  • Defendant Interviews
  • Locate Witnesses & Leads
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Photographic & Videotape Evidence
  • Report of Investigation
  • Investigative Time Line
  • Case Review & Analysis
  • Evaluation of Police Investigations
  • Development of Alternate Suspects
  • Case Review & Analysis
  • Database Searches